Why Attend?

The Monetary Innovation Conference will offer solutions to the inevitable future debt and bubble calamity.  

Sir Michael Moritz, Chairman of Sequoia Capital, recently reviewed the new bestseller “The Courage to Act” by Ben Bernanke.  Dr. Moritz (Wharton Graduate) wrote in his review:

“The unnerving aspect of The Courage to Act is the knowledge that a calamity like the 2008 fiasco will occur again and that, just like trying to predict the timing of a massive earthquake, it’s impossible to forecast when and where. Yet you only need look at the financial statements of the State of California to know that the fuse on a problem far larger than the sub-prime housing meltdown (albeit a fiscal, rather than monetary, one) is burning to the quick. Many of the same characters are gathered around:  politicians eager to delay the need to face reality; rating agencies doling out deceptive reports; bankers peddling dubious bonds; foreign buyers willing to purchase U.S. financial products; and no clear nationwide picture of the scale and gravity of the problem. Suffice it to say within just one state – California - the State and City pensions are underfunded by almost one trillion dollars, and the magnitude of this issue when multiplied by 49 other states and countless municipalities, makes the $360 billion used to unwind AIG and bailout Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac seem like spilled change”.

The only real solution is innovation.

The Monetary Innovation Conference will convene experts and leaders across monetary sectors to debate real-world problems and find the solutions that cutting-edge digital currencies, manufacturing, and block chain tech might offer.  These innovations cut across multiple and diverse sectors, with the potential to impact everyone from Wall Street to the world's unbanked.

The Monetary Innovation Conference features Speakers and attendees by professionals driving change in the fields of:

  • Innovation departments at banks
  • Compliance teams
  • Executives in remittance and money-transfer firms
  • Finance executives and policy-makers in global aid and development organizations
  • executives in global card and payments companies
  • Merchant payment processors
  • Providers of identity and reputation management
  • Regulators
  • Researchers for central banks
  • Legislators and researchers in government
  • Leading thinkers and academics in computer science, sociology, cryptography and economics
  • The leading members of the digital currency and block chain technology world
  • Private wealth managers
  • Financial experts in structured finance and derivatives
  • Money-laundering and fraud experts at Forensics and anti-fraud investigators